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Sept 2006 - There are now some basic instructions to build and install the driver Documentation

Dec 2003 - Stephane Voltz has made lot of enhancements to driver. Added support for Linux 2.6 and Hotplugging. Find his contribution here. Hope to find time to import changes to CVS.

What is it ?

It is the Acecad tablets driver for Xfree86 4.x and Linux (USB). Supported models:

  • Flair serial and USB
  • 302 USB (New)
  • D-Series, A-Series and Acecat I, II, III serial


Here is an old screenshoot using my Flair with the gimp

HowTo ?

All information usefull to build driver from sources and install it in your system are present in the README file in the downloadable archive. Please note that downloadable kernel patch can be applied to 2.4.19 and 2.4.21 kernel too.

Peter Wang wrote a kind of Howto page at Thanks !


Thanks to :

  • Stephane Voltz for it current work.
  • Carlo Vittoli for bugfixes and a-series serial support back in Xfree 4.x driver.
  • Emily, from AceCad, for giving me documents and a tablet.
  • Shane Watts for the first Xfree 3 Acecad Driver.
  • Fredrik Chabot for the serial Flair version of the driver for Xfree 3, source of a lot of inspiration.

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