Acecad Driver for Xfree4

What is it ?

It is the third release of the Acecad tablets driver for Xfree86 4.x. Supported models:

- Flair serial and USB

- 302 USB (New)

- D-Series, A-Series and Acecat I, II, III serial

Using the gimp with acecad.


The source and docs tarball : acecad_3.0.tgz.

Warning using kernel driver module built from acecad_3.0.tgz may lead to conflict with hid devices. In this case force acecad module to be loaded before HID modules. Prefer patching your kernel with one of this patch.

This patch is against kernel 2.4.18. It implements kernel side driver and prevent HID to take the tablet for a mouse : kernel_2.4.18_acecad_patch.dif.

The same, but against kernel 2.4.19 : kernel_2.4.19_acecad_patch.dif (known to work with 2.4.20)

New : 302 USB support kernel_2.4.20_acecad_flair_302_patch.dif (works with 2.4.19 too).

Use patchs with:
cd my_kernel_tree_top
patch -p1 <../kernel_2.4.xx_acecad_patch.dif
Then follow instalation instructions in the README file. Don't forget to enable acecad module in config. You have to compile and install Xfree module separately (found in the archive).

HowTo ?

All information usefull to build driver from sources and install it in your system are present in the README file in the downloadable archive.

Peter Wang wrote a kind of Howto page at Thanks !

Help !!

If something goes wrong,or you just want to speak with someone, or your tablet start emitting strange smoke, and a UFO have landed in your garden write me an e-mail !


Thanks to
 - Carlo Vittoli for bugfixes and a-series serial support back in Xfree 4.x driver
 - Emily, from AceCad, for giving me documents and a tablet
 - Shane Watts for the first Xfree 3 Acecad Driver
 - Fredrik Chabot for the serial Flair version of the driver for Xfree 3, source of a lot of inspiration...


Please send feedback at Edouard TISSERANT : etisserant _at_

for A-Series related requests or bugs, contact Carlo Vittoli : carlo _at_

last update : 27/02/2003